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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 21 to 27, 2014 by Nadiya Shah

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Full Moon in Pisces September 8, 2014 Written Horoscope -
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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for September 20, 2014

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A sense of adventure today helps you feel lucky. A positive attitude attracts abundance. When you feel good about yourself you tell the universe you are open to receive the best.

Your most innovative ideas should be on display today. Don’t be afraid to share your creative gifts. Your intuition will help you decide what brilliant aspect of yourself you should bring forth.

If you feel weighed down, inhibited and lacking confidence in the afternoon, you can alleviate this by getting your duties done. Procrastination will make you feel heavy, while getting down to business will help you feel accomplished.

*Mercury is in Shadow preparing to go Retrograde in a few weeks. Watch here to learn what Mercury Retrograde and Shadow mean. 

Weekly Written Astrology Horoscopes for September 15-21, 2014 by Symbolic Living

Full Moon in Pisces September 8, 2014 

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