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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 2 to 8, 2015 by Nadiya Shah

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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for August 1, 2015

Happy August!

The energy that is with us from yesterday’s Full Moon in Aquarius inspires us to remain creative and hopeful about the future. Brilliant ideas and thinking outside the box is healthy for us.

It can be very easy to get carried away today with excitement. With enthusiasm for life with us and high energy, it can be difficult to want to get to mundane duties and tasks today may demand of us. The things we want to do will most likely supersede our desire to do the things we have to do. A need for freedom today can become crystal clear when we may feel restricted by other people or external forces.

When the Moon enters Pisces today we can get swept away in a dreamier, more surreal version of reality. A sentimental movie can bring tears, as can melodic music. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and experience the interconnection with a grander vision of life.

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Venus is now retrograde in Leo!

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