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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for August 31, 2015

When we live our lives in an illusion, or even in delusion, we eventually need to be faced with reality. Today emotions can reveal that a reality check is needed. The more you inquire into your psyche, the more likely you are to reach deeper realizations that help remove the wool that may have long been covering your eyes, but you didn’t want to admit.

Today we get new energy that feels fresh. A new beginning that draws you closer to your identity and understanding yourself more fully. Your relationships can awaken a truth in you that may be hard to put into words, but that inspires you to live refreshed so you can find your freedom.

The Sun speaks with Neptune now, making it hard to escape. There is the tendency to overdo it now, especially when chasing a fantasy. Reality can prove to be much more inspiring and empowering than any dream could be. This Daily Horoscope Overview is brought to you by Symbolic Living... Read your extended Weekly Horoscopes posted every Monday on Symbolic Living here

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