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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for October 14, 2015

This can be a power day where dreams can become that much closer to reality. Especially when your heart is in it. The drive and determination to move towards personal strength can come on strong for many today.

When dealing with relationships today, your gut instinct and deep rooted feelings will help guide you. If you want to share something in confidence with a boss or authority figure, be sure that it feels right. If you’re applying for a job sometimes it’s better to hold onto that secret for a while so you don’t jinx yourself. There can be power in silence.

Wise, philosophical insights can find you now. Reading books that take you to far off realms of ideas is a good way to come to some fantastic, personal realizations. Dealing with debts and loans today is recommended as solutions can be found. A new awareness about finances could make today feel like it’s a lucky day. Read your extended Weekly Horoscopes here.

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