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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for November 26, 2015

Saturn and Neptune speak now in a rare conversation. Neptune rules illusions and mysticism. It’s the place where we feel touched with the ideal and where we are most magical. Neptune also rules delusion and fantasy. This is also the place where we can lie to ourselves. Saturn, on the other hand, is stark realism. He is where we are forced to be practical and display persistent determination. Saturn is also where we resolve Karma that seems pretty heavy, but also provides the opportunity for major healing and resolution as a result of our own efforts.

When these two planets connect we are forced to face where we have lied to ourselves, where we have been overly impractical or much too pessimistic. We are finding balance between our dreams and the steps needed to make those dreams come true.

Utilized well, this aspect can bring our most ideal visions into practical reality. Not utilized well, and we may find the very loving Universe presents us with one final challenge to face the cold, hard truth when we would just rather escape. Read Your Extended Horoscope Here

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