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Daily Astrology Horoscope Overview for October 4, 2015

Today could be quite moody to start. With the Moon making so many aspects today, and an uncomfortable one with Mercury in particular, words are not always interpreted as expected. It can take effort to find balance today. Pay extra attention to what you say now.

A great way to get yourself feeling more upbeat is to exercise today. Mars is the warrior energy, so strike that warrior pose. When you’re in the swing of things today, and in the zone, vitality escalates and imagination can give you a creative kick. It’s a great day to create your own comfortable space and feel the flow of energy around you. Dancing in fluid movements can get your creative juices flowing.

If you have to work today, tidying up, cleaning up and organizing are your best approaches. Connections with bosses, superiors or business partners can go either way to, and with Mercury retrograde it’s probably best to hold off. It’s best to honor that Sunday is more of a personal day for most. Rest, digest and re-energize yourself today. Read your extended Horoscope here

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