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The Numerology of the
Number 11

Ophiuchus the 13 Sign,
Am I Still my Sun Sign?

The Shifts in Astrology

Speculative vs Realized

Relocation Charts

Astrology as Divination

Astrology & The Astrologer

Astrology and Health


Planet Pluto in Astrology

Planet Neptune in Astrology

Planet Uranus in Astrology

Planet Saturn in Astrology

About Us: About Us

Planet Jupiter in Astrology

Planet Mars in Astrology

Planet Venus in Astrology

Mercury the Messenger and Trickster


The Picatrix

The Disenchantment of Modernity and The Re-enchantment of the Cosmos

Astrology’s Connection to Archetypal Psychology

The Unity of Being
Nadiya Shah's Dissertation

Mars: The Sacred Masculine Within

Love Is

Inanna's Descent 

Jung and Individuation


The Feng Shui-Astrology Connection

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

Oprah Winfrey’s Speech at Howard University 2007- Unofficial Transcript

Living in Alignment 

How Places Transform Us

Stonehenge: The Summer Solstice

Zodiac Sign Rituals 
For 2023

Visiting Ares

Venus & Astrology

The Astrology of the Royal Wedding

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